Pierco Beekeeping Equipment
We Invented the One Piece Plastic Frame and Foundation
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We focus on quality, and it shows.

Our frames and foundations are throughly inspected during production and subjected to a battery of tests to ensure a lasting, quality product. These tests include warpage tests, tolerance tests, cosmetic tests and many more.

Our dimensional impact tests prove the strength and durability of our patented frame ears that set the industry standard for quality. To back it up, our frames and foundations are covered by our exclusive 10 year full warranty.

Pierco tests its products in the same extreme desert areas where bee's are kept. We put our product through many tests before they're good enough to be called a Pierco.

Pierco's proprietary waxing process operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your critical orders. Special procedures and care are take to ensure food quality cleanliness during the entire process.

Pierco uses only premium quality chemical free natural bee's wax from pre-approved domestic beekeeping wax suppliers.

Only Pierco field tests its products in real world harsh environments
to ensure proven performance.

Pierco Frames
Other Frames

Produced domestically to ensure quality and fast delivery

Foreign made

10 year guarantee

No Guarantee

Certified 100% pure virgin FDA food grade plastic resin

Unknown grade & quality of materials

Custom branding and colors

Not available

25 years proven bee-keeping results

Offshore plastic molders - no bee-keeping experience

Innovative leaders in product design and performance

Cheap imitations look like the real thing, but don't perform

Drone comb one peice frames

Not available

Knowledgeable bee-keeping customer service

Answering machine or phone room order taking

Recognized international ISO 9000:2000 quality standards

Unknown quality standards

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process

Unknown offshore manufacturing methods

Insist on genuine Pierco products.

Buy Now 800-233-2662 (800-bee-comb)

Pierco products withstand the fiercest conditions and harshest environments.
Protect the quality of your honey product. Pierco frames are made from 100% pure virgin FDA approved food grade plastic resin.

Pierco frame ears are strong and durable.
Pierco's patented ear design is engineered and tested to withstand heat deflection, impact and residual stress. Pierco frames are the strongest in the industry - bar none!