Pierco Beekeeping Equipment
We Invented the One Piece Plastic Frame and Foundation
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One-Piece Frame
and Foundations

Drone Comb
NEW Pierco Drome Frames

Standard Size
for 9-5/8" Depth Supers

Medium 3/4 Supers
for 6-5/8" Depth Supers

Snap in Foundations

Full Depth
Snap in Foundation

3/4 Depth
Snap in Foundation


3/4 Depth
Small Snap in Foundations for 6 5/8" Supers

• No bowing
• Stiffer and super durable
• Impervious to wax moths and rodents
• Deeper and uniform cell depth

100 Foundations per box.

Insist on genuine Pierco products.
Please contact us for special pricing and shipping rates.
Buy Now 800-233-2662 (800-bee-comb)

Pierco Full Depth Snap in Foundations